A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is a Train Jam 2015 game!

Control a magnetic field to steer particles around inside a cloud chamber. The camera follows a 'hero' particle, and the different kinds of particles have special properties. There's a variety of charges and masses, and some are unstable and explode on collision. This is an exploratory / ambient game with no set goals.

Following the TrainJam 2015 theme On Track, this was inspired by the cloud tracks left by charged particles in cloud chambers and the fields used in particle detectors to determine mass/charge ratios.

The physics isn't much like our universe, however.


  • SPACE: Start, Reset
  • UP: Increase field
  • DOWN: Decrease field
  • ESCAPE: Exit

The indicator at the bottom left of the screen shows the current field strength.


Design, Programming and Art

Mikayla 'mhutch' Hutchinson (@mjhutchinson)

Music and Sound

Nick Weihs (@nickweihs)

Special Thanks

Adriel Wallick (@msminotaur)

Eiríkr Åsheim (@d6)


Full source code is available on GitHub.

Install instructions

Extract from the zip, and run CloudTracks.exe (Windows) or CloudTracks.app (Mac).

On Windows you may need to install the DirectX Runtime.


CloudTracks-Windows-v1.0.1.zip 4 MB
CloudTracks-Mac-v1.0.1.zip 9 MB